Experience history at Schloss Glücksburg
Support the Schloss Glücksburg Foundation in preserving this invaluable cultural heritage and the historical value of the castle.
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Holiday homes at Schloss Glücksburg
A vacation in an historical environment on the premises of the castle.
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Children’s birthday at Schloss Glücksburg
You are dreaming of having a birthday party like a real princess or like a little prince? The castle is the right place for you.
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[Translate to Englisch:] Kindergeburtstag auf Schloss Glücksburg
The princely coffee table on Schloss Glücksburg
Indulgence and history: Enjoy the richly laid coffee table in the ducal environment of Schloss Glückburg and share this unforgettable moment with your guests.
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Family coat of arms at Schloss Glücksburg
Design your own family coat of arms with the whole family for free this sunday (12 -15.00 h) and take home your personal coat of arms as a stamp.