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Family Tree & Coat of Arms

Family Tree

This family tree depicts the ducal dynasties of Schleswig-Holstein which originated from the House of Oldenburg, showing on one hand, the older ducal line of Glücksburg, and on the other, the younger ducal line of Glücksburg.

Graphics and design by Claudius Loose and Annika Froehlich.

The Coat of Arms

Since the foundation of this ducal line by Phillip, the second youngest son of Johann the Younger, the members of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg have carried a coat of arms. Since 1559 almost all Dukes of Schleswig and Schleswig-Holstein have carried that coat of arms. In the inescutcheon two red chevrons against a golden background represent Oldenburg, while a golden cross with a blue background represents Delmenhorst.

The coat of arms bears a golden lion on a red background holding a silver halberd with a golden haft, representing Norway’s heritage. On the left with two blue lions above each other on a golden background, representing Schleswig, next to it. Below is a silver nettle leaf on a red background from Holstein, a silver horse with an armour-clad horseman from Dithmarschen to the right of it, and a silver swan with a golden crown from Stormarn below.