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Schloss Glücksburg foundation

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The foundation's objective is to care for and maintain the castle, its grounds and its furnishings, and to make them available to the public, using all its income to do so.

Our aim is to preserve the priceless historical significance of the building and its works of art for our visitors.

Schloss Glücksburg has served various purposes during its eventful history, among others, it was the seat of the government of the Danish King Friedrich VII. In 1922, the family incorporated the building into a non-profit foundation, whose cultural aims already then foresaw active involvement of the general public.  

The head of the Schloss Glücksburg foundation is nominated by the founder's family who bequeathed the building. Since 1980, this responsibility has been with Christoph Prince of Schleswig-Holstein, who acts as the foundation’s director. He is assisted by a five-member board acting as control committee and supreme body of the foundation. The board also includes representatives of the federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and the district administration of the region of Schleswig-Flensburg.


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Achieving the objectives of the foundation is, of course, a tremendous challenge, given that income from the public fails to cover the substantial maintenance and other expenses of preserving this piece of cultural and historical heritage. This is only possible by fundraising based on commercial operations, i.e. by letting of available rooms to the public and hosting numerous events.

The foundation also relies on donations and support by third parties.We are most grateful that the non-profit organisation, the Friends of Schloss Glücksburg Society, is one of our supporters.

Everyone who is interested may become a member of the society at an annual contribution of 30 € per person. The membership includes fascinating insights behind the scenes of the castle. Financial support has also come from the state of Schleswig-Holstein, the European Union and from the German Federal Government.

We shall be pleased to provide donation certificates for your support.


Stiftung Schloss Glücksburg, D-24960 Glücksburg

Chairman of foundation: Christoph Prinz zu Schleswig-Holstein

Phone +49 (0) 4631-442330
E-mail: info@schloss-gluecksburg.de

Internet: www.schloss-gluecksburg.de