Welcome to Schloss Glücksburg

Schloss Glücksburg is counted among the most significant of family seats in the North of Germany. The residence of the Dukes of Schleswig-Holstein and, at times, the home of the Danish Kings (both families descended from the House of Oldenburg) – has been shaped by the events of European history. The many activities of the families over the years have left marks on the castle, which makes it special to this day.Even now, in our fast-moving and technical age, this splendid Renaissance building cannot fail but to awaken curiosity in the many-faceted history and culture which has evolved here through the years. The magnificent tapestries, the porcelain, the numerous portraits of people who have themselves made history – all are in themselves fascinating but also encourage engagement with historical issues in order to better understand the present.

Looking at our website more closely, you will realise that, apart from visiting the museum and taking advantage of a range of classical cultural opportunities and events, there are other options for enjoying this “castle in the lake.” The various ballrooms, a ‘wedding’ room for civil marriages, a chapel and the orangery can be booked for private or commercial occasions.

The “Schloss Glücksburg Foundation” opens the castle to the public to fund its central task: the maintenance and upkeep of the building and its grounds and the preservation of the Glücksburg cultural heritage for future generations.

We look forward to your visit and hope you will allow the inimitable atmosphere of Schloss Glücksburg to work its magic on you. Beyond the castle itself, you can enjoy the grounds, the adjacent rose garden and other nearby attractions, which naturally change with the seasons.

Let the 500-year-old motto of Schloss Glücksburg's builder, Duke Johann the Younger of Schleswig-Holstein, inspire you:



Gott Gebe Glück Mit Frieden

(God grant happiness and peace)



Christoph, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein

On behalf of the family and the Schloss Glücksburg Foundation