The Friends of Schloss Glücksburg

Since 2001, the Schloss Glücksburg foundation has been supported by the “Friends of Schloss Glücksburg”, a group which was established by about 100 interested parties. The members are citizens and businesses who have a strong connection to the castle and its environment – no matter whether they live in Schleswig-Holstein, Germany or in a foreign country.

One of the reasons for the foundation of the group was the worry, that due to diminishing public grants, the cultural heritage of Schloss Glücksburg could be endangered in the future.

The aim of the Friends of Schloss Glücksburg is the financial and conceptual support of the foundation as the owner of the castle. They receive support in the form of subscriptions and donations, which also enabled them to renew the facade. In coordination with the board of the Foundation, the group also looks after other projects such as the restoration of the old park and castle grounds, so that the whole facility is presented in all its former glory to the citizens and to the many visitors of Glücksburg.

Recently, the Friends of Schloss Glücksburg have supported the retrofit of the access bridge and the construction of an additional bridge as evacuation route which is required when organising larger events on the castle premises.

Apart from supporting Schloss Glücksburg foundation financially, the group aims to convey to the politicians of Land Schleswig-Holstein that the population of the region not only fully supports the Foundation, but that public funding for this exceptional and historical residence is vitally important.

The managing committee of the Friends of Schloss Glücksburg consists of Werner Barth as the Chairman, Joachim Rohr and Elke von Hassel. Mr Barth and Mr Rohr have deep professional roots in the economy of the North. As the former Bürgervorsteherin (official representative), Frau von Hassel is a well-known and socially committed citizen of Glücksburg.

If you have any questions or suggestions concerning the Friends of Schloss Glücksburg, please contact:

Ms. Claudia Schnick
Musbecker Weg 64
D-24955 Harrislee
Phone: ++49 (0) 461 781 34

or e-mail to:

You are also welcome to send an e-mail to the Schloss Glücksburg foundation (, which will then be forwarded to the Friends of Schloss Glücksburg.