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Open house at Castle Glücksburg

Open house at Castle Glücksburg  

When: Sunday, 5 November 2017 from 11.00 until 16.00 h 

Free admission. Information! 

Castle Glücksburg invites you to a Family Sunday on Castle Glücksburg on the occasion of the opening of our Servants Exhibition.

For centuries hidden from the castle’s guests from all over the world, we now open the gates to the fascinating world of the servants. Usually, Sunday is a day off. However, we would like to motivate you and your children playfully to take on servants‘ duties. Depending on the level of difficulty you can also win a prize. Experience the life of servants, maids, and their families. Despite the simple standard of living they performed the honourable duty of maintaining the splendour and brightness of the castle with pride and dignity. Polishing the sterling cutlery for the banquet, brushing the master‘s frock-coat, ironing, gardening, cooking – oh well, who would not like to have a servant at their side today. But those times are gone. Are they? Body servant Wilhelm and chambermaid Erna look forward to your active assistance. 

There will also be guided tours through the world of servants on Castle Glücksburg at 11.00 h, 13.00 h, and 15.00 h.