Schloss Glücksburg has been enchanted and parts of it are now a fairy-tale castle. We look forward to welcoming little and adult visitors to a magic atmosphere.

A large fairy-tale tower will lead you to the world of Grimm’s fairy-tales, so you can vividly experience seven fairy-tales at one stroke: der Frog Prince, Mother Hulda, Cinderella, Snow White, Hansel and Gretel, Red Riding Hood and Wishing-Table.

Each child can be costumed, slip into the desired role, and learn to know right from wrong and that all actions do have consequences.

Older children may write their first own fairy-tales in the witches’ kitchen.

In our guided museum education tour the exhibition becomes an extracurricular learning location, individually tailored to the different classes and ages.

Also, kindergarten groups and other interested groups from 10 persons onward are welcome to explore the fairy-tale exhibition in a guided tour.

The cost for a guided education tour is € 4.50 per person.

               € 5.00 per person (private groups)

Every first sunday each month at 3 pm, we offer a guided tour for families through our fairy-tale exhibition which lasts for about 60 minutes.

The cost for the guided tour are € 5.00 per child and € 8,00 per adult.

The interactive exhibition can also be visited by you and your children in the course of a regular museum visit without additional cost.

In our fairy-tale world you may also celebrate children’s birthday parties.

For more information and booking, please contact the castle office under ++49 (0) 4631-442330 or by e-mail to info@ schloss-gluecksburg.de.