Family – The House of Schleswig-Holstein

As the head of the foundation, Christoph, Prince of Schleswig-Holstein is on behalf of his family responsible for both, running the foundation operations and, as such, for Schloss Glücksburg.

Prince Christoph and his wife, Princess Elisabeth of the house of Lippe-Weissenfeld have four children. The family lives on Gut Grünholz in Schwansen where Prince Christoph works as a businessman, focussing mainly on agriculture and forestry, as well as real estate.

Princess Elisabeth of Schleswig-Holstein runs a business designing silk scarves and fabrics from her studio in Grünholz (

Prince Christoph is also a founding member of GLC Glücksburg Consulting AG, which is based in Hamburg now but was run from Schloss Glücksburg in the first years of its formation. The GLC supports cultural events in the castle and still has an office in the “Kavaliershaus”. Prince Christoph is the chairman of the supervisory board. 

Another member of the family, who is heavily involved in the foundation locally, is Elisabeth Princess of Ysenburg und Büdingen of the house of Schleswig-Holstein. She has followed in the footsteps of her father, Prince Friedrich Ferdinand, who did the same over many years. He was also the Bürgervorsteher (official representative) of the town of Glücksburg.

Traditionally, the founder family attaches great importance to the fact that the private character of the castle should be maintained, whilst keeping up amicable relations with the region. The “Friedrichsgarde” for instance maintains a tradition of the castle and the family and combines this tradition with shooting.

The Historical Association, which was founded by citizens in conjunction with the Schleswig-Holstein family, focuses on historical subjects relating to the castle and the family history. Friedrich Ferdinand Prince of Schleswig-Holstein was amongst the founding members as well. The current chairman is Rear Admiral (retired) Gustav C. Liebig.

Another of the family’s non-profit commitments is the well-known Louisenlund Foundation, which was founded by Prince Christoph’s grand-father Duke Friedrich in 1949. To this day, members of the family are involved in this foundation as well. The sister of Prince Christoph, Ingeborg Princess of Schleswig-Holstein, who is a well-known artist, works in the management of the Louisenlund foundation.